Things to do in Autumn

Autumn is the best time to get out and about in Canberra; the weather is mild with sunny days and light winds, it is still (mostly) warm enough to go for a swim, and you can have campfires.

With this in mind the team at Nature Play CBR have come up with our favourite Autumn activities.

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Things to do in Autumn

1. Dance, jump and play in a pile of leaves
2. Discover nocturnal animals (night animals) that live around you – head out with a torch and shine it up into the trees and you may see some glowing eyes from the active night animals
3. Draw a street map after a stroll around the neighbourhood
4. Spell out your name using things in nature
5. Paint with objects you find outside (sticks, leaves and seeds) instead of paintbrushes
6. Gather some kitchen equipment and utensils from an op shop (saucepans, lids, wooden spoons etc) and make some drums or a musical mobile!
7. Put on a family concert where everyone in the family performs
8. Make a magic nature wand
9. Go on a colour walk! Take a walk in your neighbourhood or a local natural place, collecting as many different colours as you can, or pick a colour and see how many things you can find in that shade!
10. Take some books outside and read under a tree
11. Visit a community garden
12. Adopt a tree! Choose a tree to monitor for the year. Check on it once a month. What do the leaves look like? What about the bark? Are there signs of wildlife? Are there plants that live near or on it?
13. Help wash the family car. Get out the buckets, sponges, and bubbles and have fun getting the car and yourself soapy.
14. See how many bugs and critters you can find in one expedition
15. Start a rock collection
16. Make a mini outdoor shelter for the Easter Bunny
17. Go outside on a windy day with a paper aeroplane and see how far the wind takes it
18. Roast your first marshmallow for the year over an open fire.
19. Use a smart phone or recording device to record sounds you hear in nature
20. Choose a plant or animal that you see. Pretend you are that animal and write a letter to someone. If you have a friend with you, write to each other!

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