Things to do in Summer

Here’s a list of fun summer holiday outdoor activities to try with your family or friends.

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Things to do in Summer

1. Pick your own summer fruit at an orchard, farm, or in your backyard
2. Kayak or stand up paddle board on a river, lake or sea
3. Make a nature craft decoration to hang from the Christmas Tree
4. Plant a summer garden or pot plant (try strawberries, lettuce and cucumbers)
5. Go camping and look up at the night sky (head somewhere wild or pitch a tent in your own backyard)
6. Make a sand sculpture and decorate it with natural treasures
7. Create a summer nature play journal to record your adventures and natural finds
8. Water your summer garden first thing in the morning or as the sun sets – what changes can you notice from the day before?
9. Discover the world at dusk! Head out for a walk with your family, and see what you can discover as day turns to night!
10. Run through a sprinkler without getting wet – or get totally wet on a slip and slide!
11. Go on an outdoor adventure with your family over the weekend – can you find a new natural place to explore?
12. Make homemade ice blocks or lemonade and enjoy them outside on a hot day!
13. Dine alfresco – since the sun is out during dinner, why not eat your meal beneath it? Just lay out a blanket in the backyard, or take a trip to the local park.
14. Make leaf boats and float them down a stream, pond or river
15. Create something out of cardboard boxes – a box car, a castle, a tunnel, a grass sled!
16. Go for a swim at a waterhole on a hot day – take an inflatable ball, ring or lilo for some extra fun
17. Make and fly a kite
18. Learn how to skim a rock and then decide on a target and see if you can hit it. Different targets earn different points. Who will score the highest?
19. Look for native flora and fauna in your area and then identify them.
20. Reach out to your local community, make a new friend in your neighbourhood.

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