Things to do in Spring

The sun’s coming out, the days are getting warmer (and longer) and the wildflowers are in bloom!  Here’s our top things we love to do in Spring – get your friends and family together and tick off as many as you can.

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Things to do in Spring

1. Enjoy a picnic by a river or under the shade of a tree
2. Get up early and go for a bushwalk, listening and spotting wildlife along the way
3. Create a nature bracelet – loosely wrap a strip of masking tape around your wrist (sticky-side out) and attach things like flowers, leaves and grass from the garden
4. Go on a feather hunt. How many different feathers can you find?
5. Put on a Parade – Grab your friends and all decorate your bikes, scooters and prams and ride around the block to show off your fancy floats.
6. Go mud sliding! Put on some old clothes find a muddy patch and roll around.
7. Make your own wind chime by using items around the house.
8. Head outside and go on a cherry blossom hunt.
9. Build an obstacle course with things you find – record how long it takes you to complete it and then try an beat that time!
10. Turn a tree into something magical – decorate a tree with nature inspired ornaments.
11. Investigate the backyard or local park with a magnifying glass
12. Plant some spring flowers in a pot
13. Make your own waterproof clothes out of plastic bags and go outside when it’s raining and see if you stay dry.
14. Rock hop across a creek
15. Collect long sticks from your yard or neighbourhood and make something out of them
16. Take a walk to feed the ducks. Can you spot any new ducklings?
17. Spend time lying down watching the sky – what different shapes can you find?
18. Build a bird nest in the garden out of dry grass, twigs and sticks. Is it sturdy enough to hold stones?
19. Decorate the footpath or driveway with chalk
20. Attend an outdoor community event with your family

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