Urban Cycling

Every Canberran lives close to some great cycle paths which are ideal for teaching kids' about basic road rules and broadening their cycling skills.

Seeing your children ride around the park or getting out with them on a bike is one of those activities that leave lasting memories for both young and old alike.

The Canberra and Queanbeyan Cycling & Walking Map shows on-road cycling lanes, shared use paths, unsealed paths, roads and free bicycle parking facilities. This link also provides handy information on cycling safety tips and current road rules. To keep up to date with current road rules visit the ACT Government Cycling Page.

A great way to improve your child's cycling skills is to ride on one of our many lake or pond shared use paths. Here children can learn how to give way to cyclists and pedestrians, warn of their approach using their bell and keep to the left and pass on the right. Children will learn to be observant and considerate on these paths and can eventually gain confidence to ride around the neighbourhood or to school.


For more information on cycling in Canberra visit:                                            

Pedal Power ACT

Physical Activity Foundation



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