Climbing & Adventure

Growing up can be scary business! Encouraging kids to step outside their comfort zone in a safe and controlled environment will help to build confidence, promote self esteem, and teach them that overcoming fear is a healthy part of life.

Kids tend to be natural climbers. Even before they can walk, they haul themselves up on lounge chairs, coffee tables and cot rails. Once mobile a child can be entertained for hours with a flight of stairs, a low-hanging branch, kitchen cabinet, or pile of rocks.
There are many opportunities for all types of outdoor adventure activities in and around the ACT. Many of the bushwalking trails mentioned in our activities by Foot page will have plenty of small boulders for children to scamper up and across to reach a beautiful view. Namadgi National Park in particular has some fantastic trails. Even whilst on a family camping trip you are bound to find a tree or low branch for kids to play and climb on.

If you are looking for an exciting guided outdoor family experience in rock climbing, abseiling and/or caving check out the clubs below.

K7 Adventures

Carey's Cave

Outward Bound

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