The Great Backyard Campout

Nature Play CBR is calling on Canberra families to make December 12 the world’s biggest backyard campout yet!

The summer holidays are all about enjoying the freedom of getting outdoors with family and friends. And while the nights are warm and the stars are beaming in cloudless skies, why not join in Canberra's biggest community campout?

It’s easy to take part. All you need to do is roll out the swag, pitch the tent, or create your own glamping extravaganza in your outdoor space and enjoy a night outdoors.

You can play board games by torchlight, tell stories, stargaze, cook and even roast marshmallows on your gas barbecue.

If you’re feeling extra brave, why not set up camp in your front garden. And if you don’t have an outdoor space or you’re not comfortable sleeping outdoors, that’s OK, just set up your ‘campsite’ in the living room! 

Be sure to join our Facebook Event so we know how big our Backyard Campout is and then share your photos and videos of your Great Backyard Campout with us through social media using #greatbackyardcampout and #natureplaycbr to inspire other families to get out while staying in!

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Top Tips

  • Give your family a leave pass on some of the things you’d normally be strict on – just for a night like let the dog on the camp bed, no dishes 'til the morning and double up on dessert
  • There are lots of ways to pitch a tent – string up a tarp, make a boho glamping extravaganza with sheets and fairy lights (if the weather permits), or just pull your swags or even home mattresses out and sleep under the stars?
  • Your kids will love helping decorate and make the shelter home for the night. Embrace their joy for overabundance and let them bring out their favourite cuddly toys
  • Making a snuggly sleeping area, with a nice bit of breeze coming through, is a real treat when spending the night outdoors - mattresses, pillows, cuddly toys, everything can come along!  Warm nights can also bring out the mozzies, so be sure to have your mozzie coils at the ready
  • Setting up lights to cook, read, and play games is really important. But we think it is best to avoid flooding your camp with light. Seeing the sky and enjoying a cocoon of light in the darkness is a great part of camping
  • Once the fun of setting up your campsite is over, you want to have some good fun games ready to go just in case
  • Cooking outside is great fun. It is also a great time to let kids have a go at being the Tong-Master (campsite cook) - you can see videos of some of our ideas for campsite cooking with gas
  • The safest option during summer is not to have a campfire at all. If you do intend to have a campfire, you should only do this if legal and safe to do so.
  • Please remember that restricted burning periods are in place across many parts of CBR, which means activities that involve open flames could be banned in your area. If you are planning to have an open fire or use outdoor cooking devices while camping in your yard, make sure you contact your local government to check what restrictions may be in place
  • A well-organised campsite can really help make your outdoor adventure (even in your backyard) run smoothly, but things are still going to get a little messy

We hope that you join us for The Great Backyard Campout and that you have so much fun, you'll do it again in a heartbeat!

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