Resources for families

Unstructured outdoor play is great for the whole family! We've got some great resources for parents and families to help you get your children outside.

Explore Spring. Get Outside!

14 Sep 2020

Spring is one of the best times to get outside and explore the natural environment we live in. New growth, sounds and smells permeate around us. This resource provides you and the family the perfect introduction to get outside and start exploring! DOWNLOAD YOUR SPRING ACTIVITIES HERE &n…

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Make a pinwheel like a windmill!

9 Jun 2020

Canberra has various historical sites scattered throughout the region but have you ever taken a trip to Lanyon Homestead? Take a closer look at the c.1940 Seneschal windmill used to pump water from the river to a concrete tank on a nearby hillside. The Southern Cross &lsqu…

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Backyard Camping Checklist

15 Apr 2020

Everyone loves camping and we LOVE nature! DOWNLOAD YOUR CAMPOUT CHECKLIST Pitch your tent, grab a sleeping bag and some comfy pillows, boil your billy for a hot chocolate or two and relax while the marshmallow cooks away on the end of your stick. This Saturday 18 April, the Natur…

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Your Indoors Adventure Survival Guide

24 Mar 2020

There are so many amazing things we can do in our own backyard and at home. Like a boring old stick…I think not! Try a wizard’s wand, a ribbon twirl or drumstick. Let’s bring the outdoors inside and create a fun and interactive adventure. DOWNLOAD THE INDOORS SURVIVAL GUIDE &n…

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2 Mar 2017

This guide promotes the seven principles of LEAVE NO TRACE ethics for minimal impact travel while bushwalking.…

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1 Mar 2017

Children should be encouraged to climb safe trees. Playing outside in a tree gives them direct contact with nature and the tactile experience of touching different barks and leaves.…

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Green Time vs Screen Time

6 Jul 2016

The Green Time vs Screen Time tool for families is a fun way to help you keep track of how much time your children are spending playing outdoors ('green time'), versus time spent indoors, watching TV or on the computer ('screen time').  DOWNLOAD THE 'GREEN TIME' VS &#…

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30 Jun 2016

The research shows that there has been a dramatic shift in childhood activity from outdoor play to indoor activity in the space of one generation.  As well as playing outdoors less often, the research shows that the nature of children's outdoor activity in Australia is also changing.…

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9 May 2016

“Don’t track mud in the house!” “Wash your hands before dinner!” “You can’t play with that, you don’t know where it’s been!” Parents wear those phrases out like old blue jeans put through the spin cycle too many times. Many have come to…

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51 things to do before you’re 12

28 Apr 2014

There are some things that every kid should get to experience. How many of our 51 things have you done? Why not print off the list, stick it on your fridge or bedroom door and challenge your friends to see who will be the first to complete them all! Climb a tree Sleep under the stars (eve…

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