Passport to an Amazing Childhood


The Nature Play CBR ‘Passport to an Amazing Childhood’ program is an exciting, interactive and fun way to get active and outdoors!

The idea is to get kids (3-12+) outside by completing a series of fun, low (or no) cost "missions".

Missions are delivered through a signature passport booklet, available free to Canberrans and surrounding NSW regions.  The passport has ten "mission" pages, stickers and suggestions on great places to go and things to do outdoors, most of which can be completed in backyards, school grounds or local parks and reserves. Also, at the back, there is a list of '15 things every kid should do before they’re 12.'

For those looking for more missions, you can access a growing list of over 350 outdoor activities through an exciting online mission control interface (which is optimised for smart phones and tablets). Missions are assigned through the user-friendly Passport to an Amazing Childhood online interface, and then kids leave the computer behind and go and do it. 

It is all about getting kids (3-12+) to run, jump, climb, splash, invent and play!




Step 1: Obtain your FREE Nature Play CBR passport

Families can collect a passport from the Canberra and Region Visitors CentreNational Arboretum CanberraTidbinbilla Nature Reserve.

Educators/Group Leaders can order passports in bulk using the Online Order Form below. 


Step 2: Register your details online on the Mission Control Interface (

NB: You can jump straight to this step if you don't want to wait for your physical passport.


Step 3: Register your child/children and create their cool avatar

Create a profile for your child by recording a username, and they will be allocated a passport number. You can then start to allocate missions for each child. You can choose to protect your child's identity. 


Step 4: Find and allocate missions

You and each child should now have an online nature play login and web page. Login to the Nature Play Mission Control Interface to access hundreds of age-appropriate outdoor activities.  The child/children you register for passports will receive suggested missions that are appropriate for their age.  Customise their experience by activating missions they’re willing to undertake, selecting additional missions, or opting out of any missions you don’t feel comfortable with. Once you have clicked ‘make active mission’, you will see the activities listed on the home page and on your child’s online interface.


Step 5: Complete mission and log

Your child goes outside and completes the nature play missions!  Then, completed missions are logged in their passport and online mission control. Kids can then evaluate their experience by rating the mission and commenting on their adventures through the online mission control interface. Completed task is signed-off by a parent through the online mission control interface.  Parents can also leave a rating and comment.


Here is a short video our friends at Nature Play WA have created 


Nature Play Passport activities are aimed to build a love of nature by children, their families and communities. Children can use Nature Play Passports to record their natural outdoor adventures. 


Educators can also use Nature Play CBR passports for their students, by assigning Nature Play missions as homework or in-class projects, as break-out activities or special events or OSHC activities and vacation care program themes.

Provide your children with a sense of accomplishment and of wonder as they grow, play and learn in nature.


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Nature Play CBR can only send passports to surrounding NSW regions of the ACT

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