Nature Passport App

Nature Passport App



Why has Nature Play created an app?

Nature Play's mission is to help get more kids playing outside more often, but we know that isn’t easy in the modern technology-infused world.

The Nature Passport app is designed as a tool to help families and schools replace kids’ sedentary screen-time with playing, exploring and learning outdoors.

The app is part of a broader strategy to help families find a healthy mix of screen-time and nature play. Nature Play recommends a three-pronged approach to healthy technology use:

  • Reduce: reducing the time your kids spend on technology, even a little bit, makes a difference
  • Replace: use active technologies (like Nature Passport) to replace sedentary technologies wherever possible
  • Balance: balance the time kids spend on sedentary technology with an equal, or greater, amount of time in active play outdoors.

Why the Nature Passport app is important

The Nature Passport app:

  • leverages kids' love of technology to restore the balance between screen time and green time and help families play, explore and learn outdoors together
  • promotes physical and mental health by getting kids and families active outdoors
  • fosters children’s natural curiosity, creativity and critical thinking – skills shown to boost academic performance and learning
  • encourages family time outdoors, promoting social connection and building fun, family memories
  • connects kids and families with nature, inspiring lifelong stewardship behaviors and attitudes
  • when using Nature Passport, kids look up not down. The app is designed so that the primary engagement is with the natural world, with the app working as a secondary support
  • aims to help nature-starved kids connect to the natural world.   

Nature Passport is a free resource that supports parents, caregivers, and teachers in getting kids excited about outdoor play and learning.


Who is it suitable for?

Nature Passport was designed for children ages 7 to 10, but can be enjoyed by adults and children of any age from the age of 5 up until about 12. It can be used in any environment, from backyards to city parks to beaches and woods, with new content released every two weeks.  The app can be used by families and by teachers interested in taking classroom learning outdoors.


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