Quick Start Guide to Family Nature Clubs

Create a Plan

Collaborate with the other families in your group (or hold a family meeting if it's just you and your own family to start with), and decide when, where, what, how often and how long.  Enlist some help – it might be grandparents, a neighbour, or the parents of your children’s school friends. Over a morning tea, you can decide how often you might want to meet and what sort of activities you may want to undertake. If you put a few ideas down in writing, it’ll be easier to plan things and keep people informed. Circle a couple of dates on the calendar, and you’re well on your way.

Suss Things Out

It’s a good idea to check out each location before you invite people to come along. That way, you can work out if there are any tricky areas for very young or old people, and the availability of things such as toilets and picnic spots. Also you can decide where everyone should meet and what to do when you get there. Also assess whether you need permission for a large gathering.

Then invite as many people as you like - perhaps a couple of friends to join you for a family bushwalk. You could also involve neighbourhood families, classmates, local playgroups and community groups like the Scouts and Guides.

Make it Easy

Informed and prepared parents are happy parents. You’ll make it easy to say ‘Yes’ when you minimise prep time and maximise fun by giving parents a checklist for hassle-free outings.

Ready, Set, Go!

When you arrange to meet neighbours and other groups, consider starting your adventure 10 or 15 minutes after the advertised start time, to allow for latecomers. Besides, it will give everyone a chance to chat and get acquainted.  Record the number of participants at each event and collect contact information for new participants.

Spread the Word….

Did you have some fun together?  Would it be even more fun if your friends invited some friends along next time?  Encourage people in your Family Nature Club to spread the word. Because as they say - the more, the merrier!

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