Passport to an Amazing Childhood

The Nature Play CBR 'Passport to an Amazing Childhood' program is an exciting, interactive and fun way to get active and outdoors.

The idea is to get kids (3-12+) outside by completing a series of fun, low (or no) cost 'missions'.


Nature Playlists

Nature Playlists are our lists of fun things for kids to do outdoors. They're things that every child should experience! Print these out, or save them to your device. How many can you achieve?


Natural Playspaces

Tired of boring old playgrounds? Why not build a nature playspace? The kids will love it an it might even fast-track their development...


Family Nature Clubs

So you want to get your children outside, but find that time gets away from you? Why not organise a Family Nature Club with some friends or family and make sure you have a regular date with the outdoors!

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