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  • My first garden

    Don't have room for a garden? Help your child pick out a plant, flower or vegetable that they can help care for. Pick something small enough that you can put it in a glass or pot and even leave it in the windowsill indoors or put on your rooftop.

    Herbs are a good choice for this project because they are so easy to grow and children will love how they can be used to help make dinner! The visual child will appreciate helping to bring a flower to bloom. Talk with your children about the different plants that grow in different climates.

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  • Easy-peasy compost bin

    Choose a location that is easily accessible from you kitchen and/or garden. You can use a bin or just surround a pile with a mesh fence. You can start it with leaves, grass clippings and other garden debris. Help activate the compost by adding a shovelful of finished compost or garden soil to your compost pile of one cubic metre brown and green material (2 parts brown to 1 part green). You and your child can work together to turn the pile about once every week. You'll be satisfied to see finished compost about two months after you began the project.

    Do not add any animal waste, oils, dairy, diseased plants or chemicals to your compost. Checking the moisture level and adding water/drying pile will prevent the compost from not heating up and from smelling.

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  • Fun fishing trip

    Have you ever taken your kids fishing? Cast your line: Take everyone out for a day or two or three of fishing. You'll love being outside and on the water with the whole family. For an easy trip, bring or rent rods and sit on the bank of a small or nearby lake.

    Sunscreen might smell bad, but it's essential for an activity like fishing. (At least you'll smell better than the fish)

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  • Peanut butter and pine cone bird feeder

    If you find a pine cone on a walk bring it back to the house for this fun task. Start this creation by tying wire or twine to the stem of the pine cone. Grab you favorite peanut butter from the kitchen and spread it all over the pine cone. Yes, this might be messy! Fill a container that is large enough to fit the pine cone with bird seed. Roll the pine cone in the bird seed so that the peanut butter has caught it. Now you're done and you can hang it up outside!

    Lay some newspaper or paper towel out on the surface you are doing this on to catch some of the peanut butter and bird feed.

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  • Fabulous creek walking

    Get the whole family together for this one. Become a group of explorers! Put on some water shoes or sneakers and wade up a small creek. Don't forget to point out any fish and to skip any flat rocks.

    Wear shoes with good tread so no one hurts their feet on any slipper rocks.

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  • Chalk and leaf silhouettes

    Grab some white or coloured chalk and head out to your driveway or a safe footpath. Pick up some leaves along the way. Have fun tracing and shading them in with the chalk you brought.

    If you do this on a footpath, take care not to be in the way of an cars. Do this during a dry spell? the chalk will be more likely to not be rained away.

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  • Let's go fly a kite

    Make your own or pick one of at a local store. Kite flying is a great activity to do in pairs, one adult for each child.

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  • Rock skipping rockers

    You used to do this all the time during the summer, but have your kids ever tried? Show them how it's done. Skip stones in a lake or wide stream. Who can make jump the most times?

    Collect good skipping rocks in advance as you see them. Use light rocks for more effective skipping and less chance of hitting anyone.

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  • Be an animal tracker

    Going on a walk? If you keep your eyes open you can usually find animal tracks. What type of animal do you think came from? How would you have to walk to make tracks that far apart from each other?

    Take a picture or trace the tracks into a notebook and make a collection of all the different ones you see. See a bunch of the same animal tracks? Act like the animal and pretend you live in that environment for some more fun.

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  • A stroll in the sand

    Flip off your sandals and pull up your pants. Feel the sand between your toes as you take a relaxed walk on the beach. Few things are as soothing as sand on bare feet and the sound of the outdoors around you.

    A hat and sunglasses will make this stroll even more perfect. Bring a camera and document the things you see along the way.

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  • Pond watching for creatures

    On a warm day, look for turtles, lizards, or frogs sunning themselves on rocks by a pond. Take a load off and join them for a while by finding your own rock.

    Look for the same animals in the pond that you see sunning themselves on rocks. If you go rock skipping, be careful not to hit any of the animals off their rocks! Sun block and insect spray might both be a good idea here!

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  • Berry picking

    Some parks nearby may have fruit. Ask and try going apple or berry picking! Sweet or sour they'll tickle your tongues. Bring some home with you and make a pie or fruit salad!

    Look for an official berry or apple farm so you don't accidentally eat anything poisonous. Some places might have hayrides or other activities in season. Make it a group trip and bring along some other families.

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