Getting Our Kids Outdoors

Getting Our Kids Outdoors


Child-led play in the outdoors (nature play) enriches childhood with movement, with imagination, with friendship, and with all the sensory wonder that nature brings.

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It is a joyful part of a full and healthy childhood and it supports every aspect of children’s development including their physical and mental health, social and emotional development, the building of resilience and creativity, and their connection to nature.

But most of all nature play is fun, it’s free, and it is just outside your door.

Here at Nature Play CBR we work with families, schools, and communities to elevate awareness of the value nature play brings to children’s development and to ensure every child has access to the time, space, and permission they need for play to support their health and happiness.

Nature Play CBR is dedicated to improving the physical and mental health of Canberra children by supporting a return to play outdoors and in nature.

We work collaboratively with partners in recreation, education, health, environment, community, and the business world to encourage the Canberra community to value nature play and for it to be prioritised in children’s lives.

To grow up healthy, children need to sit less and play more.” (World Health Organisation)

In an increasingly sedentary world unstructured, active, outdoor play (nature play) is an essential building block of physical, social and emotional health, and the primary way through which children develop the skills, confidences and competencies that support being active and connected for life.

All the tools you need to support childrens' journey into nature play - here you'll find the latest scientific research that shows the benefits of nature play for our children.

We've got some great resources for parents and families to help you get your children outside. Print them out or save them to your device. How many can you achieve?